Cosmopolitan Players
Cosmopolitan Players

Forthcoming Productions

by Patrick Barlow

They said it was unachievable!


They said it couldn't be done!


But now the greatest book ever penned is brought to the stage - turning the stage into one of the most authentic versions of Ancient Rome ever seen. Complete with...


  • Stunning combat (featuring the latest 3D technology)!
  • A 103% bona fide chariot race (with REAL chariots)!
  • An authentic sea battle (with REAL water)!
  • A decadent and unexpurgated Roman Irgun (suitable for all ages)!


Ben Hur is the epic set to stir your very soul.



9th - 11th May 2019

Main Auditorium

Watch this space for details of the first get together

Based at -

The Carriageworks Theatre

The Electric Press

Millennium Square

Leeds LS2 3AD

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